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Challenge #43 - Kiss me

Unfortunately, this will be our last challenge. Although it breaks my heart, you know what this movie and community means to me, I can't moderate it any more because of health complications. In fact, I have quite a serious eye problem and I really have to cut down my internet time and exposure to the computer screen. So as much as I wish to continue with these wonderful challenges, I wouldn't be able to take care of them as well as before, so I thought we might rather stop now than let this fantastic community die out. Believe me, you can't imagine how sorry I am.

But I absolutely want us to have a last challenge, and since some of you asked a kissing challenge, so it will be. Can there be a happier end anyway? The usual rules apply to this challenge as always, but this time you can enter as many icons as you want and you'll have two weeks to enter:) I provided a few caps with John and June kissing or almost kissing but you're welcome to use any other pictures^^ So please, get those burning kisses in!

- The icons must be in Saturday June 29th. - And of course, enjoy!
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